Stratus Specific Guides

Stratus Guides - Deploying

Webscale STRATUS simplifies code deployments like never before.

Stratus Guides - Zero Downtime Deployment

Webscale STRATUS allows you to perform zero downtime Magento 2 deployments. For simple updates such as themes or adding minor code changes, this method will keep your site running while you update. If you are performing a larger upgrade, such as a full Magento version upgrade, please plan on downtime for your store and utilize maintenance mode.

Stratus Guides - Going Live

Webscale provides free migration to a new Webscale STRATUS environment. Consult our existing migration policy and how migrations work.

Stratus Guides - STRATUS CLI

The Webscale STRATUS Command Line Interface (CLI) is available to run cache clearing and other commands for easier management of a deployment.

Stratus Guides - Default Cron Configurations

For Magento to run properly a number of recommended cron tasks must be in place.

Stratus Guides - New Relic

New Relic’s PHP APM can be used on Webscale STRATUS to get transaction traces and fine grained data about what calls are slow. A basic version of New Relic is installed by default on all Webscale STRATUS environments.

Stratus Guides - Cloudflare DNS Setup

Instructions on how to configure the CloudFlare DNS to use with Webscale STRATUS.

Stratus Guides - AngularJS

AngularJS on Stratus

Stratus Guides - Install IonCube Loader

Currently, ionCube Loader for PHP 8 is not installed as default on the Stratus Platform due to performance reasons. The following steps can be applied to install it manually for PHP 8.1

Stratus Guides - Using Varnish

When your store is live on Mojo STRATUS, you will want to use Varnish for the Magento 2 FPC. Varnish improves page load time and concurrency to a staggering degree.

Last modified July 25, 2022