Application Analytics Dashboards

Getting started with application analytics

Opening The Analytics Dashboards

If your application’s plan includes one or more of our analytics dashboards, they can be accessed from the application actions menu. From the account dashboard, the application action menu can be opened by clicking the three vertical dots icon , or from the application dashboard, clicking the Actions button.

If you are not seeing the analytics dashboard links, you will have to contact your support representative in order to add them to your application’s plan.

Application Analytics Dashboards Menu

Clicking one of the analytics options in the menu will navigate you to the corresponding analytics dashboard:

  • Web vitals
  • User analytics
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Security insights

From within the analytics UI, the navigation controls at the top of the page allow you to do the following:

  • Switch between applications in the account.
  • Switch between different analytics dashboards.
  • Select how far back in time the charts show data for.
  • Return to the application dashboard.

If you navigate to an analytics dashboard that is not supported by the application’s plan, you will be prompted to contact your support representative to enable it.

Application Analytics Navigation

Chart Controls

The time range displayed for analytics charts can be configured using the dropdown select in the top corner of the page. The configurable time range is limited to 30 days, but if you have live log retention configured to be shorter than that, some charts will display empty data when selecting ranges beyond your configured retention.

All charts display tooltips with additional information when you hover over the chart’s contents. For charts with multiple data points, hovering an item in the legend will highlight it on the chart, and clicking it will hide it on the chart.

Last modified June 5, 2023