How to View Reports

How to view reports in the Webscale Control Panel

It’s possible to view Reports on various usage metrics in the Webscale Control Panel. For instance, users can view a report on their account’s data tranfer. Webscale also offers an optional Monitoring feature that allows user to create monitors based on information provided in the Reports.

View Reports

To view reports, log in to the Webscale Control Panel and click the three bars on the upper left, then select Reports from the menu. From here, choose the report you wish to view from the dropdown menu under Reports.

Data Transfer report

The Data Transfer report shows information on the data transfer allocation used by the account.

Data Transfer report

The following information is listed for this report:

  • Updated: Shows the date and time when the report was updated.
  • Account: Shows the account this report applies to. The following information is also shown for the account:
    • Budget Period: The current budget period this reports applies to.
    • Latest Threshold: The current data transfer usage shown as a percentage of the budget. Only shown if the account has a data transfer allowance, or you have created a budget threshold.
    • Usage: Shows data transfer usage broken down into 3 periods, and types (Data Plane or CDN):
      • Budget Period: Shows data transfer used in GB for the current budget period. Only shown if the account has a data transfer allowance, or you have created a budget threshold.
      • Today: Shows data transfer used in GB for today.
      • Month: Shows data transfer used in GB for the current month.
    • History: Historical data transfer rates for previous budget periods.

Add thresholds to a Data Transfer monitor

General instructions for editing monitors are given on the How to Configure Resource Monitors how-to, but there are some items specific to Data Transfer monitoring.

To add custom thresholds to a Data Transfer monitor, choose the thresholds type that will trigger the monitor. There are 2 choices:

Plan Allowance: A percentage of the account’s data transfer allowance.

Data Transfer Plan Threshold for monitoring
Budget: A percentage of an arbitrary limit chosen by the user, in GB.
Data Transfer Budget Threshold for monitoring

  • To add a threshold, click Add a new threshold…. Type a number in percent, then click Save.
  • To delete a threshold, click the trash can .
  • For the Budget threshold type, enter the Gigabyte Data Transfer Budget in the appropriate field, then choose a threshold percentage.
  • It’s possible to have multiple thresholds listed. When multiple thresholds are listed, the monitor will alert for each one reached.

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Last modified November 12, 2020