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The documentation contains a deep-dive into the technology and features of the Webscale platform, as well as help with troubleshooting common issues.

Read the step-by-step How-Tos to learn about common tasks you can perform with your Webscale platform.

Check out the FAQ section for answers to commonly asked questions.


Magento 1 EOL

Frequently Asked Questions and Patches are now available on the following pages:

Configuring Rate limiting Using Web Controls

We’ve published a new tutorial on how to combine multiple web controls to rate-limit access to your site’s checkout page.

Read more here: Configuring Web Controls for Rate Limiting

Webscale Secure Access

How-tos on the new Webscale Secure Access feature and Multifactor Authentication have been published.

Getting Started

Details on getting started with Webscale


A brief overview of Webscale products and services


Guides on using the Webscale Control Panel.


Frequently Asked Questions


Reference docs for Webscale

API Reference

API Reference docs for Webscale

Latest Updates

Latest Updates to Docs


About Webscale Stratus

The Stratus Stack | Architecture - AWS | High Availability | Environment Types | Access for Developers | Backups and Recovery | Email | Limits | TOS and Magento Requirements

Stratus Control Panel

Control Panel Menu

Stratus - Guides

Stratus Specific | General | Optimization | SSH and SFTP | DNS and SSL | Database | Cache and Sessions | Security | Magento 1 | Magento 2 | PWA

Health Checks

HTTP Monitoring | MySQL Alerts | Cron Alerts | High CPU Alerts | High Swap Memory Usage Alerts | High Load Average Alerts | High IO Volume Alerts


Billing Breakdown | Sessions | Environment Terms | Upgrading and Downgrading | Credit Card Failure | Retrying Payment | Update Credit Card | Cancel Service | Legacy GA Session Config

Hosting Support

Support Policy | How to Contact | Customer Accounts | How Migrations Work | Remote MySQL Access | Load Testing | Clearing Browser Cache | Taking Screenshots | Magento Patches | Bulk Email | Changing Account Ownership | Logs | Using MTR | FAQ

Release Notes

Release Notes for STRATUS



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