Stratus Panel - Elasticsearch > Info

Elasticsearch is a powerful search tool to replace slower MySQL searches.

Elasticsearch indexes a Magento store and provides rapid search results for customers.

With Magento 2.3+, Elasticsearch is available to Magento Community stores. Magento 1.x stores can use Elasticsearch through third-party extensions.

You can change the version of Elasticsearch under Elasticsearch -> Version.

You must also configure Magento to use Elasticsearch.

To view the status of Elasticsearch in Webscale STRATUS, go to Elasticsearch > Info in the STRATUS sidebar menu.

  • To enable Elasticsearch, click ENABLE.
  • To disable Elasticsearch, click DISABLE
  • To copy any field value for other use, click the copy icon in the upper-right of the field.

Enabling or disabling Elasticsearch will restart the Webscale STRATUS environment and will result in 1-2 minutes of downtime.

Last modified January 1, 0001