In the Webscale Control Panel Cluster Editor, CloudFlow Commerce M configuration values are provided. These are injected into the php-fpm helm chart that is uploaded to Webscale Files, and selected via the Helm chart reference dropdown in the cluster blueprint editor, shown below.

Note: Modifying any attributes in the Cluster Blueprint will trigger a new deployment.

Cluster blueprint
Key Value
kei_url API endpoint of the Kubernetes Edge Interface API managing the CloudFlow environment
kei_api_key API Key to authenticate with Kubernetes Edge Interface
generate_static False if static content is generated at build time. Defaults to true.
enable_ion_cube True if the ion cube PHP extension is necessary. Defaults to false.
use_http_proxy True if a fixed, known address is necessary for egress traffic. Defaults to false.
static_locales Static locales to be installed when generating static content. This value is ignored if generate_static is set to false. Defaults to ‘en_US’.
magento.resources CPU and memory resource requests and limits for php-fpm containers
magento.dockerimage Image URI for php-fpm containers
magento.hpa Scaling parameters for Kubernetes Horizontal Pod Autoscaling. This should include apiVersion: autoscaling/v2beta2, targetCPUUtilizationPercentage, minReplicas, and maxReplicas. We expect to move this to cluster configuration in the near future.
cron.resources CPU and memory resource requests and limits for the cron container. A single cron container will run in the CloudFlow Commerce M environment and will be automatically disabled during deployments.
cron.crontabxfs Crontab to execute in the cron container

Last modified February 23, 2024