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Webscale STRATUS actively supports new PWA technologies, including PWA Studio and Vue Storefront.

What are PWAs?

PWAs utilize some of the latest technologies that can load blazingly fast. Along with incredible speed, PWAs (otherwise referred to as headless ecommerce) deliver a highly-customized and consistent user experience across the plethora of device types and interfaces used by online consumers. Not to mention, PWAs compliment MageMojo’s industry defining hosting to give you websites that load in the blink of an eye. Developers can use static site generators to launch highly engaging PWA storefronts that can then be connected to ecommerce platforms on the backend.

Benefits of PWA

Blazing Fast PWAs utilize some of the latest technologies. This means they can load incredibly fast. Boosting your site speed is one of the easiest ways to increase user engagement & conversions. Add PWAs on top of MageMojo’s hosting and you have a powerful combination that loads websites in a flash

Cheaper and Still Effective Want that custom app-like feel at a fraction of more traditional development costs? PWA is your solution! With a PWA you don’t need to create an iOS & Android version of your store. Get all the traditional app functionality without the separate dev resources.

Focus on Design Being headless means that PWAs are separated from the backend of your store by design. Problems on the frontend? No worries because the backend is unaffected. And vice-versa. Feel free to make backend updates and never worry about messing up the frontend of your site. A modular and distributed site means you can rest easy.

Enhanced UX PWAs give your users two very powerful app-like features: 1) push notifications 2) offline connectivity. Reach your customers in real time wherever they are and boost engagement rates.

Boost Your Conversions Super speedy load times and easy-to-use app-like design means increased conversions. Guaranteed.

Active PWA Support

MageMojo is one of the few platforms to actively support new PWA technologies, including PWA Studio and Vue Storefront. Chances are, if you are building it, we support it. Have questions about a specific build? Reach out and we’ll get your questions answered!

Get Started

To get started, please visit PWA and Headless Configuration

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