How to Enable Application Uptime Monitoring

Enable application uptime and error rate monitoring in the Webscale Control Panel

Webscale allows you to enable uptime and error rate monitoring for your application. You can either enable passive monitoring or active monitoring.

Monitoring modes


No monitoring of client error rate or application up/down state is done. Note that all other alerts are independent of this setting.


Error rates for requests to the site are monitored and alerts are created when the ratio of errors to non-errors is over a threshold.


Requests are regularly made to the application via Pingdom, and alerts are created when multiple successive requests fail.

Set monitoring modes

To set the monitoring mode you desire, click in the Mode dropdown to the right and choose the desired mode. Confirm your choice by clicking the Apply button on the notice that shows, or cancel the change by clicking Revert.


When monitoring is enabled, it will send alerts based on the notification preferences set in the Alert Notifications page. More information on notifications can be found on How to Enable Notifications.

Further Reading

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Last modified July 8, 2020