How to View Webscale Application Server Information

How to View Webscale Application Server Information in your Webscale Control Panel

The Webscale Control Panel displays application server information and status. In the control panel you can find out how many servers are currently active, what are those servers’ IPs, if any additional servers are being scaled, and more.

View Application Server Information

Webscale control panel
From the Webscale Control Panel’s main page (called the Dashboard), each application section shows the following:
  • Server status and uptime
  • Scaling for the last 24 hours
  • The number of servers
Webscale Dashboard
Click the Zoom button to see more details for the specific application.
Webscale Dashboard
On the application page, the Application Diagram section shows the currently active servers, as well as any servers currently scaling in or out. A list of the IP address for each server is below the server icon. Hover your mouse over the server icon for additional info.
Webscale Dashboard
The Performance section shows the following for the timeframe you have selected:
  • Response time in seconds
  • Responses per second
  • Server count
  • Data transfer in megabytes
Webscale Dashboard
The Events section shows a running log of all events, including scaling in and scaling out events. Click the Zoom button for more details and calendar options.

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Last modified April 7, 2020