Protecting Your Site with a Captcha

Configure a captcha, using a Web Control with the Challenge User action

Web Controls enable you to use pre-defined security and performance rule sets. Rule sets minimize the need to discover, define, and maintain a large number of individual rules. Instead, you can create rule sets that match individual request or response conditions and execute a set of actions predefined in the Webscale Control Panel. Based on the conditions, Web Controls automatically execute a set of pre-defined actions after all conditions are met. Through Web Controls, you can create complex sequences of actions.

A useful action to add to a web control is the Challenge User action. This action will present users that match the Condition specified with a Google ReCaptcha they must solve to prove they are not a bot. A previously validated user is not presented with a challenge. An example of when to use this type of web control is if you are seeing elevated malicious or suspicious behavior on your site, or if you have a list of IPs that you already know to be malicious.

Create the Challenge User Action

Click + Add action to create an action for the new Web Control, which opens the Create Action dialog. To proceed, click Select an Action.

Webscale Create Action dialog in the control panel

A list of actions is now displayed. Select Challenge User and click the Done button to return to the Edit Web Control screen. Remember that you can add more than one action.

When a condition is met, then all specified actions are applied to the request. You can only choose one final action. Final actions run last; the order of execution of other actions is unspecified and not necessarily in the order displayed.

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Last modified July 21, 2020