CSP Reports Attributes

Detailed information about CSP reports attributes

The Traffic Viewer page of the Webscale Control Panel enables you to view CSP reports information for an application within a specified time period. For more information on accessing Traffic Viewer, see Access Traffic Viewer.

The following table provides CSP reports attribute information. You can view the name, display name, alias, and a description for each attribute.

CSP reports attributes

Name Display Name Alias Description
arrival Arrival arrival ISO 8601-formatted date when the request arrived at the Webscale proxy
blocked_uri Blocked URI blocked_uri URI of the resource that the Content Security policy blocked from loading. If the blocked URI has a different origin than the document URI, the blocked URI is truncated to contain just the scheme, host, and port.
country Country country Two-letter ISO 3166-2 country code for the origin of a request
disposition Disposition disposition “enforce” if the Content-Security-Policy response header was used. “report” if the Content-Security-Policy-Report-Only response header was used.
document_uri Document URI document_uri URI of the document in which the violation occurred
effective_directive Effective directive effective_directive Directive whose enforcement caused the violation
host Request host host
URL of the application that was requested
original_policy Original policy original_policy Original policy as specified by the Content-Security-Policy response header
peer_address Peer address peer_address IP address of the immediate peer that reported the violation
referrer Referrer referrer Referrer of the document in which the violation occurred
request_address Request address request_address Remote IP address of the user agent that made the request
script_sample Script sample script_sample First 40 characters of the inline script, event handler, or style that caused the violation
session_id Session ID session_id ID of the Webscale session that attempted to load the resource
status_code Status code response_status_code
Response status code that indicates the response to a specific request
useragent User agent useragent
Contents of the User-Agent request header
violated_directive Violated directive violated_directive Name of the violated policy section

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Last modified October 20, 2021