Stratus Panel - Application

Stratus Template | Frontend URL | Multisite & Multistore | Maintenance Mode | Deployment Mode | Clear Cache | CLI Commands

Stratus Panel - Application > Stratus Template

The Webscale STRATUS template updates theNginx configuration for the STRATUS environment.

Stratus Panel - Application > Frontend URL

The Frontend URL is the secure base URL in Magento and also the URL that the main store will use when loading.

Stratus Panel - Application > Multisite and Multistore

One of Magento’s unique strengths is its ability to create and manage multiple stores from a single Magento installation. If the Magento store installed is configured for multiple stores, this panel configures the Nginx web server to properly map domains to the appropriate website, store, or store view.

Stratus Panel - Application > Maintenance Mode

Maintenance mode can be toggled on and off in Webscale STRATUS. Sites in maintenance mode present a 503 status page to site visitors.

Stratus Panel - Application > Deployment Mode

The store deployment mode refers to the Magento 2 modes.

Stratus Panel - Application > Clear Cache

In this panel, all Magento and Varnish caches can be cleaned.

Stratus Panel - Application > CLI Commands

As a shortcut to accessing Webscale STRATUS via SSH and manually running commands, the platform provides a long list of Magento-related commands.

Last modified July 25, 2022