Security How-To Guides

Guides on securing your applications with Webscale, using Web Controls and other features.

How to Edit the Blacklist

How to Add/Remove IP Addresses from the Blacklist

How to Edit the Whitelist

How to Add/Remove IP Addresses from the Whitelist

How to Configure Multi-Factor Authentication

How to configure multi-factor authentication

How to Use Webscale Secure Access

How to use Webscale Secure Access.

How to Enable Bot IP Shield

How to Setup and Enable Bot IP Shield in the Webscale Control Panel

How to Block Countries from Accessing Your Site

How to use a Web Control to block certain countries from accessing your site.

How to Install an SSL Certificate

How to install an SSL Certificate to your application, enable auto-https, and enable HSTS

How to Troubleshoot and Research a Security Breach

How to discover and troubleshoot a security breach of your application.

Last modified August 4, 2020