Stratus Panel - Access > Controlling Access

The Webscale STRATUS admin panel provides several tools for controlling external access to a Magento environment. Restricting access may be for development purposes or to keep out unwanted visitors.

Since your Webscale STRATUS pricing is based on user sessions, it is prudent to restrict users to only those that should be visiting a Magento environment. For example, if a environment is not shipping or selling to customers in Russia, then visitors from Russia can be blocked.

STRATUS provides the following methods for controlling access:

  • Protect Website — Set a sitewide username and password in order to access any part of the environment.
  • Protect URL — Restrict access to specific URL paths in a Magento environment by setting a username and password.
  • Restrict By IP Address — Restrict access to an environment by allowing or denying specific IP addresses.
  • Block Countries — Block users who are trying to access a Magento environment based on their country location of access.
  • Block Bots — Block unnecessary “bots” from indexing a Magento environment.

Last modified January 1, 0001