The Stratus Stack | Architecture - AWS | High Availability | Environment Types | Access for Developers | Backups and Recovery | Email | Limits | TOS and Magento Requirements

The Webscale STRATUS Stack

Despite the convenient ease of using Webscale Stratus, it may be useful to understand the underlying technology infrastructure of our platform.

Stratus Architecture — AWS

Currently, Webscale STRATUS is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The important consideration is that you are not required to do any direct management of the AWS environments used.

Stratus High Availability Strategies

High Availability (HA) is the ability of a system to operate continuously without failing for a designated period of time.

Stratus Environment Types

In Webscale STRATUS, you may create two types of environments - Production and Development. These environments are not the same as the production and development modes in Magento 2.

Access for Developers & Authorized Users to Stratus

Webscale STRATUS requires authorization to ensure only allowed parties have details about your server. Account owners can add others to their account.

Stratus Email

Using Amazon’s Simple Email Service (SES), Webscale STRATUS can deliver your transactional store emails, such as invoice receipts and shipping notifications.

Stratus Resource Limits

Webscale STRATUS has two types of environments

Stratus TOS — Magento Requirements

These policies are designed to maximize performance, maintain server stability, and ensure the more reliable hosting configuration in the industry.

Last modified July 25, 2022