Stratus Panel - SSL

Settings | Customer Cert | Lets Encrypt Cert | CSR

Stratus Panel - SSL > Settings

The SSL settings panel provides controls for the type of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate applied to a Webscale STRATUS environment.

Stratus Panel - SSL > Customer Cert

To use a third-party SSL certificate, it must cover every domain listed on the site. If a Stratus environment has multiple domains, the certificate must be a multi-domain or wildcard certificate. Separate certificates for separate domains cannot be installed on the same Webscale Stratus environment.

Stratus Panel - SSL > Let's Encrypt Cert

Let’s Encrypt offers free certificates. On Webscale STRATUS, they can be generated to match your domains.

Stratus Panel - SSL > CSR

A CSR or Certificate Signing Request is a block of encoded text that is given to your SSL provider when applying for an SSL Certificate.

Last modified July 25, 2022