Web Controls How-To Guides

Guides on using Web Controls

Web Controls enable you to use pre-defined and pre-tested security and performance rule sets. Rule sets minimize the need to discover, define, and maintain a large number of individual rules. Instead, you can create rule sets that match individual request or response conditions and execute a set of actions predefined in the Webscale Control Panel. Based on the conditions, Web Controls automatically execute a set of pre-defined actions after all conditions are met. Through Web Controls, you can create complex sequences of actions.

You can also create sequences of these rules that can accomplish much more complex behavior, such as dynamic whitelisting or rate-limiting checkout attempts based on user behavior.

Managing Web Controls

Manage Web Controls through the Webscale Control Panel

Creating Web Controls

A brief walkthrough of creating Web Controls through the Webscale Control Panel

Using URL Maps to Redirect URLs

Use URL maps to redirect URLs through the Webscale Control Panel

Protecting Your Site with a Captcha

Configure a captcha, using a Web Control with the Challenge User action

How to Set Pagespeed Options

A brief walkthrough on setting Pagespeed options in Web Controls

Enforcing a Content Security Policy

A brief walkthrough on setting Content Security Policy options in Web Controls

How to Create a Site Splice

A walkthrough on how to create a Site Splice using a Web Control

Last modified August 4, 2020