Stratus Panel - Access

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Stratus Panel - Access > Controlling Access

The Webscale STRATUS admin panel provides several tools for controlling external access to a Magento environment. Restricting access may be for development purposes or to keep out unwanted visitors.

Stratus Panel - Access > Protect Website

A standard HTTP Authentication can be added to a website. Visitors will need to enter a username and password to access any part of the website.

Stratus Panel - Access > Protect URL

A standard HTTP Authentication restriction can be added to your website on a specific URL path. URL protection rules will apply to all domains in the Webscale STRATUS environment.

Stratus Panel - Access > Restrict by IP

By restricting the IP address of visitors, you can allow or deny users according to their Internet address.

Stratus Panel - Access > Block Countries

Countries can be blocked from accessing a Webscale STRATUS environment based on the geographic location of their IP number. All traffic is stopped before it reaches your Webscale STRATUS environment.

Stratus Panel - Access > Block Bots

Extra “spiders” and indexing agent can increase site session traffic. Many are not useful and simply sap server resources. Webscale STRATUS gives you the ability to restrict bots by listing their User-Agent in this panel.

Last modified July 25, 2022