Stratus Guides - Magento Optimal Configuration

Out of the box, Magento will run without issue on Webscale STRATUS, but there are a few basic configuration options you should always ensure are working.

Make sure to review the Magento configuration if there are performance issues, as it could turn out to be a simple toggle in the Magento Admin, saving valuable developer time.

Please see our Magento Requirements for a full list of items STRATUS requirements for hosting Magento stores.

  • Enable all caches (System > Cache Management)
  • Enable flat products and categories (System > Configuration > Catalog > Frontend)
  • Disable and clear the Magento compiler (Note, the compiler does not run properly on PHP > 5.3)
  • Enable merged CSS/JS (be aware that this can break some sites)
  • Install an FPC module and use Redis (Lesti FPC is a good free option)
  • Redis cache
  • Redis sessions
  • Keep your log tables clean (e.g., log_url, log_url_info, log_visitor,log_visitor_info)
  • Set indexing mode to “manual.”

Further optimization

For even more site speed, a skilled developer may be able to uncover additional speed gain possibilities:

  • Use New Relic’s PHP APM to get transaction traces and fine grained data about which calls are slow.
  • Debug using the Magento profiler.

Last modified January 1, 0001