How to Invite Users and Create User Roles

How to create user roles and invite users in the Webscale Control Panel

Webscale creates the initial user and admin accounts in the control panel during the onboarding process for new customers. Once you’ve been granted access to the customer admin account, the customer admin can log in to the control panel and invite additional user accounts as needed. You can also create user roles, which define the permissions and settings that are assigned to control panel users. Roles are used to specify what users have access to in the Webscale control panel, and whether users have multi-factor authentication (MFA) enabled or not.

If a user has been invited to more than one account, the user can switch between accounts. Click the down arrow next to the current account name at the top of the page to see a list of accounts the user can access. Click one of the account names in the list to switch to that account. The permissions a user has on a specific account depend upon the role the user has on that account.

User roles can also be used as an action in an optional web control, called Webscale Secure Access, to protect sections of your application from the general internet.

Create a role

Roles Menu
1. Login to the Webscale Control Panel and click the three bars on the upper left.
Select Roles from the menu.
Roles List
2. Here you view existing roles on the Roles page in the control panel. Click on a specific role to view information about the role, such as:
  • Role name
  • Role creation date
  • Pending invitations
  • Users currently in the role
  • Declined invitatons
  • Vacated invitations.
New Role Creation
3. Click Create Role… to create a new role. In the box that appears, give the new role a name and description. Choose what permissions or restrictions apply to this specific role. Then choose whether this role requires multi-factor authentication, and choose when the authentication expires.
New Role Creation showing invite box
4. Click Invite user… if you wish to also invite a user to this role. Confirm the changes you’ve made, then click Save to save the changes. This action creates the role, and sends invitations to any users invited to the role.

Invite a user to an existing role

Roles Menu
1. Login to the Webscale control panel and click the three bars on the upper left.
Select Roles from the menu.
Roles List
2. On this page you see existing roles. To invite a user to the role, click on the role, then click New Invitation….
New Invitation
3. Enter the user’s email address, and click the Add button. This will send an invitation to the email address specified.
New Role Invitation Email
4. The user receives an email from Webscale with a link to the User Profile, where they can accept the role.
User Profile
5. In the User Profile the user can manage their password and their multi-factor authentication settings. The user will also see some information about their user account, such as:
  • Any existing roles the user belongs to.
  • The user’s name.
  • The user’s email address.
  • API Access Keys (if the role allows it).

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Last modified November 10, 2020