Stratus Panel - Access > Protect URL

A standard HTTP Authentication restriction can be added to your website on a specific URL path. URL protection rules will apply to all domains in the Webscale STRATUS environment.

Create a Protection Rule

To create a path specific authorization rule:

  1. Go to Access > Protect URL in the STRATUS left sidebar menu. protect url-75
  2. Choose + Add New Rule
    • LabelEnter a name for the rule.
    • Restricted URLEnter the path to be restricted. If the store uses “.html” suffixes, include the suffix with the path. Entering a path ending in a slash ("/") will restrict all files within the directory.
    • LoginEnter a login username.
    • PasswordEnter a password. To create a random password, click Generate Password. Once saved, passwords cannot be later seen; to view a password before saving, click the Eye Icon at the right end of the password field.
  3. Click Create to save your new restriction.

Edit a Protection Rule

To edit an existing rule:

  1. Choose desired rule from the rules list. protect url-2
  2. Update the information shown.
  3. Click UPDATE to save the changes to the rule.

Delete a Protection Rule

To delete an existing rule:

  1. Choose desired rule from the rules list.
  2. Click DELETE button to remove the rule.

Last modified January 1, 0001