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Stratus Security Guides - Blocking Countries

Magento stores, like so many e-commerce stores, are regularly targets for fraud and malicious traffic. Additionally, stores should not be using resources to handle traffic from locations they do not service or ship to.

Stratus Security Guides - Securing a Magento Store

Magento stores on Webscale STRATUS are protected by a Web Application Firewall (WAF). Every request to a store must first pass a host of WAF rules designed to repel hackers and other attempts to compromise a store.

Stratus Security Guides - Traffic Limits

Webscale STRATUS is a multi-tenant architecture using micro-services to provide the ideal hosting environment for Magento.

SStratus Security Guides - Securing Magento 1.x against malware and brute force attacks

Brute force attacks against Magento stores are unfortunately common, as with any popular web framework. Fortunately, they are easily countered as they are often lazy attacks from automated scripts or botnets that try to use the default Magento paths to gain entry.

Stratus Security Guides - External CDNs and Firewalls

Some customers may want to use CloudFlare or Sucuri because they already have various pre-configured security and DNS settings. Some of their security features can interfere with our site validation which in turn can impact billing.

Stratus Security Guides - OSCP Stapling

All traffic on Mojo STRATUS goes through CloudFront which already has Online Certificate Status Protocol (OSCP) stapling enabled. Because of how this is implemented in CloudFront, OSCP may not show when tested.

Last modified July 25, 2022