Stratus Guides - Deploying

Webscale STRATUS simplifies code deployments like never before.

Despite the incredible sophistication of the Webscale STRATUS cloud platform, Webscale STRATUS deployments are fairly straightforward and familiar.


  • Make sure that all symlinks are using absolute paths.
  • Note that CloudFront may take up to 15 minutes to clear.

Deployment Examples

To deploy code to Webscale STRATUS, use SSH and push the code, move symlinks, and flush caches. The built-in CLI commands provided in the Webscale STRATUS Control panel can also be used to assist.

See the following deployment examples:


You can see pod status change during deployment under the General-> Pods section.

When using a deployment tool such as Jenkins, Capistrano, Deployer or similar where deployment changes/recreates a new symlink, please note that you should clear the var/cron directory afterward and empty the cron_schedule table in the database.

See also:

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