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Backup Strategies | Debugging Cron | Other CDNs | Rotating Magento Logs | Using Symlinks | | Xdebug | Configuring RabbitMQ | Node version manager | Updating Base URLs | Multistore Configuration

Stratus Guides - Backup Strategies

If you have your own AWS, Google Cloud or Backblaze account you can send files and backups directly to them.

Stratus Guides - Debugging Cron Errors

Crons can be difficult to debug, even on a standard dedicated server. Cron tasks on the common Linux server log their execution to a file, typically cron.log in /var/log. On Webscale STRATUS, this activity is not logged directly. Cron logs are typically useless other than to know the task attempted to run; a cron.log file does not tell you if the command ran correctly.

Stratus Guides - Other CDNs

This article is in reference to proxy services like CloudFlare, Sucuri, Fastly, and

Stratus Guides - Rotating Magento Logs

Rotating logs can help prevent log files from becoming too large and unwieldy.

Stratus Guides - Using Symlinks

Due to auto-scaling requirements, when using symlinks do not use relative paths. All paths must be absolute.

Stratus Guides - is a paid PHP profiling tool. Unlike XDebug, it can be left on without impacting site performance. It is also considered easier to use than XDebug for performance checks. However, it cannot act as powerful a debugger as XDebug.

Stratus Guides - Using Xdebug

Xdebug is default configured on Webscale STRATUS for debugging your code. It is highly advised not to use Xdebug on a production environment unless absolutely necessary as it will drastically slow down the site.

Stratus Guides - Configuring RabbitMQ

The RabbitMQ management plugins are enabled in Webscale STRATUS, and can be accessed using the correction configurations. When possible, Webscale recommends using RabbitMQ as the broker instead of MySQL.

Stratus Guides - Node.js Node Version Manager

Node Version Manager (nvm) is a version manager for node.js, designed to be installed per-user, and invoked per-shell. nvm works on any POSIX-compliant shell (sh, dash, ksh, zsh, bash), in particular on these platforms: Unix, macOS, and windows WSL.

Stratus Guides - Updating Base URLs

Base URLs are one of the most important parts of Magento. Learn how to change them via the MySQL database.

Stratus Guides - Multistore Subfolder Configuration Method

If you would like to use the same domain, but use different stores per subfolder (such as /us, /ca, /fr, /en, etc.), you should use the subfolder method instead of the standard method for multistore configuration.

Last modified July 25, 2022