CloudEDGE CDN Overview

Introduction to CloudEDGE CDN

Content Delivery Networks (CDN) enhance a website’s performance and page load time by caching assets across multiple edge locations in the cloud. (The edge is the network location closest to where the user’s browser connects to Webscale.) These locations are geographically distributed for a quicker delivery of static assets and cacheable API content to users from the location that is closest to them.

Assets include static content, such as images, CSS, and JavaScript as well as media content like videos. When a user wants to access assets, their web browser generates an HTTP request. If the assets are cached and available, the CDN serves them directly, forgoing a request to the application servers and reducing response time.

The speed of cloud provider networks and their global CDN Points of Presence (PoPs) enable quick delivery of your assets no matter where your customers are. Since assets are easily available for your application, web pages load quickly. This promotes a positive user experience and high Core Web Vitals score.


With CloudEDGE CDN (also known as Webscale CDN), the CDN provider is incorporated into the delivery path of your application. By routing all traffic through the provider, Webscale can securely manage requests and responses for the application. As with the Webscale Site Cache feature where proxies selectively cache content, Webscale CDN can set caching policies for traffic that traverses the Webscale CDN cache.

If the Webscale CDN cache does not contain the requested assets or a request does not match the criteria of Webscale CDN caching policy, Webscale CDN sends it to origin for servicing.


Webscale CDN includes the following functionality.

  • Advanced security
  • High availability
  • High performance

The improved performance and user experience is connected to higher Core Web Vitals rankings.

In conjunction with Webscale CDN, Webscale CloudEDGE workers provide a solution that enables you to run custom JavaScript code at various key points in the traffic pipeline, including before the traffic hits the application and after the application has responded.

Webscale CloudEDGE is a distributed computing platform that simplifies the global delivery of web applications and services, securely executing code close to your customers at scale. This translates into responsive websites with healthy Core Web Vitals and a polished user experience.

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Last modified November 10, 2020