How to View Events

How to view events in the Webscale Control Panel

The Events Viewer will show recent events that have taken place for your application on the platform, and some information about those events.

View Events

To view events, log in to the Webscale Control Panel and click the three bars on the upper left, then select Events from the menu. From here you will see a list of events on the left. To see more information about a specific event, click the event in the list. The right pane will show the information, including the following:

  • Event title, short description, and time stamp.
  • Information on the event including Subject, Type, Severity, User, and Remote IP. Some of this information may not be relevant, depending upon the event type.

Search in Events

You can also search the events for a particular word or string if you want to find a specific event, or display events only within a specific time window.

  • Click the Search button on the upper right.
  • Enter your search term, then press enter or click the magnifying glass.
  • If there are matches they will be highlighted on the screen, and you can click on the or buttons to cycle through the results.

Time window

  • Click the Time button on the upper right.
  • Here you can enter a duration. Choose from 5 min, 1 hr, 3 hr, 6 hr, 24 hr, or custom. If you choose custom, input the start and end date and time. To set the end time to now, click the toggle Ending Now.
  • When ready, click the Submit button to display the results.

Further Reading

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Last modified December 21, 2020