Stratus - Cache & Session Guides

Redis Cache | Redis Sessions | Clearing Opcache

Stratus Guides - Redis Cache Configuration

All Webscale STRATUS Magento stores are required to have cache enabled in Production environments and to use Redis for storage cache and Varnish cache for Magento 2 Full Page Cache.

Stratus Guides - Session Cache Configuration

Since all Magento stores on STRATUS are required to use cache for session storage, STRATUS provides the means of using either Redis or Memcache for caching sessions.

Stratus Guides - Clearing Opcache

If your code deploys use symlinks or you think something is cached in the PHP opcache, you can clear it via the php-fpm port. The Webscale STRATUS CLI can also be used to clear the opcache instead of this method.

Last modified July 25, 2022