Configuring Application Shielding

Configure application shielding in the Webscale Control Panel

Application shielding protects application servers from unauthorized traffic. Shields are implemented by utilizing cloud provider networking capabilities, eg. firewalls in Google or security groups in AWS. More information about application shielding is available on the Application Shielding reference page.

Configuring a shield will update inbound/ingress rules to permit http and https traffic from Webscale control and proxy servers as well as from whitelisted addresses configured for the application. Traffic from other addresses may be dropped once the shield is selected unless explicitly allowed by higher priority rules.

Current shields

Once you have configured an Application Shield, it will show here.

Remove a shield

If you want to remove a shield, click the Remove button, then click OK on the confirmation that is shown.

Add a new shield

To add a new shield, choose the provider from the Select a provider dropdown, then choose the shield type from the Select a shield dropdown. Once you’ve made your selections, click the Add Shield button to add the shield.

Add whitelist IPs to the Shields

Click the toggle to enable this setting and add the IPs you’ve whitelisted to the application shield, so they won’t be blocked by the shield. To disable this setting, click the toggle again.

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Last modified June 3, 2020