How to Use a URL Map for Redirects

How to upload a URL map and create a Web Control that uses it for redirects.

URLs change from time to time as you make revisions to your site, and this can lead to orphaned URLs that cause 404s for your site visitors. To avoid this, upload a URL map to redirect the orphaned URLs to working URLs.

Create the URL map file

A URL map is a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file. To ensure your URL map works properly, the file should have 2 values on each line, separated by a comma: ,

Once you’re done adding your URLs to the file, save it as a .csv file with a descriptive name so you can find it easily when you upload it.

Upload the URL map file

Upload URL map dialogue
1. Log in to the Webscale Control Panel and click the gear on the upper right, then select Account Settings from the menu.
2. On this page click the Url Maps tab.
3. Click the Create Url Map button. In the box that now pops up, fill out the Name and Description fields. Give the URL map a unique name and description so you can easily identify it in the future.
4. Click Choose File, then select the URL map from your local computer. Then, click Save to create the URL map.
5. Click the Webscale logo on the upper left to return to the main control panel.
URL map list in the control panel
If you want to update or remove any URL maps already uploaded, return to the Url Maps tab to see the list. Click the 3 dots in the circle to the right of the URL map file to edit, replace, or delete the file.

Create the Web Control

Create the Condition

Click + Add condition to create the condition to apply to the new Web Control, which opens the Create Condition dialog. To proceed, click Select a Condition, and choose URL matches.

Webscale Create Condition dialog in the control panel

Once you’ve made your selection, click the Done button to return to the Edit Web Control screen.

Create the Action

Click + Add action to create an action for the new Web Control, which opens the Create Action dialog. To proceed, click Select an Action, and choose Redirect Using Map.

Create Action dialoge showing URL map options
  1. Click the dropdown under URL Map to choose the URL map you uploaded.
  2. Choose the HTTP status code to use. The most common one is 301 Moved Permanently.
  3. (Optional) Click the toggle to preserve query strings, if required by your application.
  4. Click the Done button to finish creating the action.

Back on the Edit Web Control page, click the Done button to finalize the Web Control. This returns you to the main Web Controls list. To apply all your changes, click the Apply button on the upper right.

When a condition is met, then all specified actions are applied to the request. You can only choose one final action. Final actions run last; the order of execution of other actions is unspecified and not necessarily in the order displayed.

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Last modified October 8, 2020