Events Logs Attributes

Detailed information about Events logs attributes

The account Events page enables you to view events information for all account applications. The Events section on the Webscale Control Panel page displays recent events for the applications.

You can also view events for a specific application through the application’s Events page. The Events section on the application dashboard displays recent application events.

For more information on viewing events, see Viewing Events.

The following table provides Events logs attribute information. You can view the name, display name, and a description for each attribute.

Events logs attributes

Name Display Name Description
created Created ISO 8601-formatted date when the event occurred
details Details Event information, which is dependent on the event type and specific to the particular event. For example, an event pertaining to deleting an address from an address set might generate an audit log that documents the address set contents before and after the deletion.
message Message Short summary of the event
remote_ip Remote address IP address for the user who initiated the event, if available
severity Severity Categorizes event impact by the Info, Warning, or Severe status
subject Subject References what the event affected
type Type Characterizes event specifics, such as a system update or address set deletion
user User User who initiated the event

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Last modified October 21, 2021