Configuring General Application Settings

Configure general application settings through the Webscale Control Panel

The General page enables you to modify basic settings for an application, including its name, labels, default hostname, and aliases.

Access the General page

To access general application settings

Click the three vertical dots menu icon on the upper right corner of the application box and select Edit.

Select edit application


On your application page, click the Actions menu icon and select Edit.

Select edit application

The General page displays.

General page

Change application name

To change an application name

  1. Enter a new name in the Application name field.
  2. Click Apply.


A label is an alternative name for the application that Webscale uses in features, such as monitors, to designate the application.

To add a label

  1. Click the Add labels link.
  2. Enter a label name in the Add labels field and click Add.
    A label displays to the left of the Add labels link.
  3. Click Apply.

To delete a label

  1. Click the x on the label to delete.
  2. Click Apply.
    It no longer displays to the left of the Add labels link.

Change application default hostname

If you have more than one alias for an application, you can specify any of them as the application’s default hostname.

To change the application hostname

  1. Choose another hostname in the Default hostname drop-down list.
  2. Click Apply.

Application aliases

To add an application alias

  1. Enter an alias.
  2. To include the alias in the CloudFront CDN installation, select the CDN check box for it. Otherwise, configuring Webscale CDN will not include creating the alias in CloudFront, too.
  3. Click Add. The alias displays in the list of application aliases.

To delete an alias

  1. Click the x for the alias. It no longer displays in the list.
  2. Click Apply.

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Last modified December 10, 2021