Stratus Panel - Application > CLI Commands

As a shortcut to accessing Webscale STRATUS via SSH and manually running commands, the platform provides a long list of Magento-related commands.

NOTE: Take caution when using these commands, as some may temporarily disable a Magento store or result in unfavorable results.

Some commands require arguments in order to properly work. For each selected command, Help about each command can be accessed for guidance on any required arguments.

To run any command,

  1. Go to Application > CLI Commands in the Webscale STRATUS sidebar menu. * Step 1.Select the desired command. * Step 2.Enter any command arguments if applicable for the chosen command.
  • Click RUN COMMAND.

Results of the command will appear in the Result field.

For help on any command, select the command under Step 1 and click Get Help About Command.

Example Command

As an example of using the CLI Commands panel, consider running the command to create an Admin user.

To understand the arguments needed,

  1. Select “admin:user:create - Creates an administrator” from Step 1.

In the Result field, the usage and options for the select command are shown. From this panel, the following arguments are noted:

  • –admin-user=ADMIN-USER — (Required) Admin user
  • –admin-password=ADMIN-PASSWORD — (Required) Admin password
  • –admin-email=ADMIN-EMAIL — (Required) Admin email
  • –admin-firstname=ADMIN-FIRSTNAME — (Required) Admin first name
  • –admin-lastname=ADMIN-LASTNAME — (Required) Admin last name

To build the arguments needed for this example command, the following would be assembled and entered into Step 2:

--admin-user testuser1 --admin-password ohyeah1234 --admin-email --admin-firstname mage --admin-lastname wakka

After entering these arguments and clicking RUN COMMAND, STRATUS would send the command to the Magento store and an Admin user would be created.


Last modified January 1, 0001