Enabling Analytics Dashboards

Enabling analytics dashboards for an application

Analytics dashboards are enabled on applications. The Webscale Analytics plan provides access to the Web vital, User analytics, Traffic monitoring, Security insights and Store performance dashboards.

Enabling analytics dashboards for an application

To gain access to the analytics dashboards, the account must have the Analytics entitlement and the application must be subscribed to the Analytics plan. Both can be configured within the control panel.

Account switcher
1. Navigate to the relevant account in the control panel.
Site navigation
2. Using the site navigation menu, select ‘Entitlements’.
Create entitlement
3. If an existing entitlement to the Analytics plan does not exist, create it by selecting ‘Create entitlement’.
Save entitlement
4. Select the Analytics plan and click ‘Save’.
Application edit
5. Navigate to the application’s edit UI.
6. Click ‘Subscriptions’.
Apply subscriptions
7. Select the Analytics plan and click ‘Apply’.

Prerequisites for the Store performance dashboard

The foundation of the Store performance dashboard is an application’s session logs. Each log represents a unique user session. The dashboard reports on a store’s conversion funnel by labeling each session as a bounce, browse, add-to-cart or checkout depending on the user’s activity. Because add-to-cart and checkout traffic is unique to the store, additional configuration is necessary. Sessions are eligible to be logged after they have been inactive for 30 minutes. New session logs are generated by the product generally once every four hours.

Enable RUM
1. Navigate to the relevant application and ensure Real User Monitoring (RUM) is enabled.
2. Configure the labeling of user operations. For how to do so, refer to Session labeling.

Last modified November 6, 2023