How to Configure Resource Monitors

How to create and configure account resource monitors.

Monitors are an optional feature that allow users to keep track of activity affecting various account resources as well as the state of those resources.

Each monitor allows the user to specify the following:

  • Name and type of monitor.
  • Resources (e.g. applications) to monitor via labels.
  • Notification message to send when the monitor is triggered.
  • Notification destinations.

Additionally, depending on the type of the monitor, there are other configuration attributes that allow the user to specify a relevant time duration to monitor, a filter to select the relevant data from its source, and a condition to evaluate on the data and associated metrics.

To create or edit a monitor, log into the Webscale Control Panel, click the (gear) icon on the upper right, and select Account Settings from the menu. Then click the Monitors tab, which takes you to the Monitors page. Click the Create monitor button to display the following:

Create monitor box in the Webscale Control Panel

Choose the following options:

  • Type: The type of monitor you wish to create.
  • Name: A name to identify the monitor with.
  • Description: A short description of the monitor or it’s purpose.
  • Add Label: Click here to add an existing label that is already applied to a related system resource.
  • Message: The message sent in the notification. This field accepts liquid templates that render to markdown. This markdown is then rendered to HTML in the message sent. The templates differ depending on the monitor context (specified by the label) chosen.
  • Notify: Where to send the notification. This field currently only accepts email addresses, but Webhooks are coming soon.

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Last modified July 16, 2020