Stratus Billing - Sessions

Stratus has a small charge per session for sessions over the plan limit.

How Sessions are Counted

The free sessions based off your plan are deducted from the monthly total, divided by 200, rounded up and then added to the invoice by that quantity.

Sessions are quantified by unique ip address and user agent with the following considerations

  • Session has at least 2 hits
  • A new session for a ip / user agent combo has < 1 hour between hits

Excluded from any calculations:

  • Hit to root uri “/”
  • User agent is in bot list
  • static assets, images. js, css etc.
  • Total remaining hit count = 1, there must be two qualifying hits for a session to be considered
  • Errors are quantified by any status code > 400 and do not count in any other metric
  • Api Hits are quantified by a uri matching regex expression (/rest|/api) method is not equal to GET, only functions that change data are counted

Bots Detection

Bots are detected by user agent as legitimate bots will follow certain patterns that are attempting to hit the robots.txt file. These user agents are then added to the bots list

  • user_agent contains “Mozilla” and user_agent contains “http”
  • user_agent contains “Mozilla” and user_agent contains “compatible”
  • user_agent does not contain “Mozilla”

LEGACY configuration with GA

Configuration for Google Analytics session collection has been discontinued. You may continue to use this method however in place of local session calculation from logs until [July 2023][10] on plans that were purchased before May 9th, 2022

You can find this method HERE.

Last modified January 1, 0001