Stratus Panel - SSH > Info

Secure Shell (SSH) access is available through a special container on Webscale STRATUS. SSH can be used to manage files and run commands for your environment.

Configuring for SSH Access

To use SSH on a Webscale STRATUS environment, there are three important components:

  1. Infosee below for viewing the hostname and port number to access Webscale STRATUS via SSH.
  • User — Users are individually created and managed for security access.
  • Whitelist — Additional security for access is managed by allowing only certain IPs to access a Webscale STRATUS environment.

Info Panel

To view your SSH access information, go to SSH > Info in the sidebar menu.

  • Service — To the right of “SSH,” “Running” should be showing. If not, contact MageMojo support.
  • SSH Host — This is the hostname to use when accessing the STRATUS environment.
  • SSH Port — STRATUS uses non-standard port numbers to thwart hackers scanning for normal SSH access ports.

When accessing a Webscale STRATUS environment via SSH, the combination of hostname, port, user, and password is required. Additionally, the IP from where the access is attempted must be whitelisted.

Troubleshooting SSH Access

  • If your connection is immediately closed, double check you have whitelisted the correct IP.
  • If you get a password prompt but fail the password check, double check or reset your password.
  • If you get a key error, check that you have entered the correct public key in the Authorized Keys field.

Last modified January 1, 0001