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Stratus Magento 2 Guides - Improving the Cron

The cron functionality in Magento 2 is problematic and doesn’t consistently work at a dependable level. To satisfy this issue, MageMojo created and supports its own Magento 2 Cron extension.

Stratus Magento 2 Guides - Configure Elasticsearch

After choosing the version & enabling Elasticsearch in Webscale STRATUS, it must be configured in the Magento 2 Admin.

Stratus Magento 2 Guides - Composer

Composer is a tool for dependency management in PHP. It allows you to declare the libraries your project depends on and will manage (install/update) them for you.

Stratus Magento 2 Guides - Customer Grid Empty

The customer list in Magento 2 may appear empty despite the fact there are many rows/customers in the customer_entity table.

Stratus Magento 2 Guides - Deploying static files

For performance, Magento 2 generates static files from your theme and other site components. This feature is well documented in the [Magento 2 dev docs][1], but there are some tricks to deploying and generating these files on a Webscale server.

Stratus Magento 2 Guides - Email Sender Incorrect

If using Magento 2.2.4 or higher - either new or as an upgrade from 2.2.x — there is a bug that alters the email sender name. This bug changes your preset in the store configuration, General->Store Email Address, to the server usernames. Webscale Stratus has tested and confirmed the bug and a fix to disable all the Amazon modules.

Stratus Magento 2 Guides - Site Changes Not Appearing

If product or theme changes on a Magento 2 site are not showing, there are numerous caches that might need to be cleared.

Stratus Magento 2 Guides - Purge the Varnish FPC

The Webscale STRATUS CLI is the best way to clear Varnish via the SSH container.

Stratus Magento 2 Guides - Send store mail via SMTP

Out of the box, both Magento 1 and 2 send email using PHP and Sendmail. This means rather than sending sales or order emails to customers via an existing mail service, such as Mandrill or an Exchange server, the email goes out directly from the Webscale STRATUS environment.

Stratus Magento 2 Guides - Set Magento 2 modes

Magento 2 has several modes that amount to different configuration states which either enhance performance or enable various development tools.

Stratus Magento 2 Guides - Cron Explained

As added by default in the Stratus panel under Cron > Schedule, the Magento 2 cron consists of 3 separate tasks that should be set as follows. Replace webroot with the full path to your install. Below are the defaults assuming the webroot is public_html on Webscale STRATUS.

Stratus Magento 2 Guides - Upgrade Recommendations

Helpful guides for upgrading Magento 2.x can be found on this page. However, support for upgrading your installation to Magento 2 is outside the scope of regular support.

Stratus Magento 2 Guides - Using Baler to Speed Javascript Delivery

Baler is a module bundler and preloader for Magento 2 installations. It is an open-source add-on that intelligently bundles Javascript based on where and how it is needed.

Stratus Magento 2 Guides - Using MagePack to Speed JS Delivery

Stratus Magento 2 Guides - Terser installation

Terser is a JavaScript minifier.

Stratus Magento 2 Guides - Consumer Brokers MySQL to RabbitMQ.

The default broker for consumers in Magento 2.3+ is MySQL, with the exception of the async.operations.all consumer which utilizes RabbitMQ. Please check the Webscale STRATUS Patch Repo for easy-to-install patches to switch brokers for Magento consumers to RabbitMQ.

Stratus Magento 2 Guides - Manually Uninstalling an Extension or Module

If you’re having trouble uninstalling an extension or module from Magento 2 via Composer, you may need to manually uninstall.

Stratus Magento 2 Guides - Configuring a Sitemap

A Sitemap is a plain text XML file that contains links to all of the pages on your website. It is used by the search engines to properly crawl and index your website.

Stratus Magento 2 Guides - Magento 2.4.x Media Gallery

In Magento 2.4.x, merchants can use the an enhanced Media Gallery to organize and manage their media files on the server. This new Media Gallery contains the same functionalities as the existing Media Storage, but includes an improved user interface and a closer integration with Adobe Stock.

Last modified July 25, 2022