Stratus Billing Breakdown

Billing in Webscale STRATUS is designed to be simple and predictable.

Stratus Billing - Sessions

Stratus has a small charge per session for sessions over the plan limit.

Stratus Environment terms

On 11-18-2021, STRATUS MaaS became Webscale STRATUS and introduced a new billing and term options.

Stratus - Upgrading and Downgrading

Upgrading and Downgrading.

Stratus Credit card or billing failure

When the Webscale STRATUS billing system attempts to collect a monthly payment, if it fails, a special notice is emailed.

Stratus - Retrying payment

You can retry a payment through your Webscale STRATUS customer account.

Stratus - Update Credit Card

If a payment fails or the method of payment needs to be updated

Cancelling Stratus Service

To cancel an existing Webscale STRATUS service

Stratus Billing - Legacy GA Session collection

LEGACY configuration with Google Analytics

Last modified October 1, 2022