Stratus - Changing Account Ownership

In the event that an account has been managed by a third party and is not accessible by the store owner, Webscale STRATUS can help regain the account.

Especially when a new Magento store has been set up and configured by an outside agency or contractor, the store owner may find that they cannot access the Webscale STRATUS account. This can be problematic when the relationship with the provider has concluded without a proper transfer of access.

Webscale can only assist with regaining an account for which the store owner is actually the direct payor of Webscale STRAUS fee. For accounts that are resold through partners, the store owner must work with the partner for access issues.

If a store owner cannot access the account for which they are paying, they should first contact the outside provider for help in transferring account control.

Switching an Account

First, for the current account owner:

  1. Log into the Webscale STRATUS account.
  2. Go to Profile in the sidebar menu.
    • Email AddressEnter the email address of the new owner.
    • Current PasswordEnter the current owner password for change validation.
  3. Click SAVE.

The current account owner should then email the new owner with the current account password. The new owner can then log into Webscale STRATUS with their email address and the account password.

NOTE: the new owner should change the account password and update name and other account information as necessary.

Regaining an Account

In the event that the current owner cannot be contacted or is unresponsive to requests for account ownership transfer, the new owner should contact our support and provide Webscale STRATUS with:

  • The last four digits of the credit card used for current payment of MageMojo fees.
  • The billing address associated with the payment method.

Webscale STRATUS may require additional information to validation ownership since transferral of hosting ownership is a critical security issue.

Last modified January 1, 0001