Stratus Panel - Access > Protect Website

A standard HTTP Authentication can be added to a website. Visitors will need to enter a username and password to access any part of the website.

Create Website Protection

To restrict access to the entire website:

  1. Go to Access > Protect Website in the STRATUS Admin panel left sidebar menu.
    • Select Enabled.
    • LoginEnter a username.
    • PasswordEnter a password. To create a random password, click Generate Password. To view the password, click the Eye Icon at the right of the password field.
  • Click UPDATE to save your new login.

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You can only have one HTTP authorization password for a STRATUS environment.

All traffic will be blocked unless the visitor enters the proper username and password.

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Disable Website Protection

To disable website protection simply de-select Enabled and click Update. The login information will be removed from the site.

Last modified January 1, 0001