Stratus Magento 1 Guides - Product image uploader does not work

The SWF uploaders have been blocked permanently as a security measure. They were updated and removed in the Magento patch 8788.

To fix this, you must patch your store. There are no exceptions. The malware involved has been compromising store security and leading to credit theft. Security outweighs convenience in this case, unfortunately.

You may encounter issues such as –

  •  broken forms, getting to patch 8788 requires all previous patches will cause issues with form keys on custom templates, this can break things like the customer login or registrations, which we cannot support fixing, though our patch attempts to add them to all the forms we can detect
  • the image uploader may remain broken after patching if there are core overrides, certain modules, or custom admin templates that affect it or rely on the old flash uploader. This is something else we cannot support fixing unfortunately

Roughly 10% of patched stores run into some issue that we have seen. Let us know if you need assistance applying the latest patches.

Last modified January 1, 0001