Load Testing Webscale Stratus

Due to the auto-scaling and distributive architecture of Webscale STRATUS, load testing requires careful attention. Since all Webscale STRATUS traffic is routed through a CDN, excessive traffic could be seen as malicious traffic and blocked from any access.

Take a look at our Application Load Testing addon.

Customers purchasing the production-level load testing above should be aware that:

  • Load testing will impact billing. Google Analytics and local session counts may report a large increase in user sessions which will be charged as part of the STRATUS billing.
  • Production testing will limitlessly auto-scale the environment on the web front end (PHP). The database will quickly become the bottleneck, usually due to row level locks.

Customers will be responsible for any billing charges incurred as a result of the increased traffic demands of the testing scenarios.

Catalog Search paths are rate limits by IP and cannot be altered due to their susceptibility to malicious attacks.

Last modified January 1, 0001