Stratus - Upgrading and Downgrading

Upgrading and Downgrading depends on your current term.

Month-to-Month terms

  • Upgrade or downgrade will be charged a setup fee which will be the base fee of the current plan you are moving to and have a minimum 1 month commitment.
  • You may move to a 1 year contract and the setup fee will no longer apply

Year+ terms

  • You may not downgrade an environment that is on a yearly plan lower than the original commitment.
  • You may upgrade to a higher plan level with a minimum 1 month commitment. You may downgrade freely after being upgraded as long as it is to the original or higher level plan
  • You are free to swap plans, ie you have a starter and a lite, you may move the environments and make the starter the lite and vise versa. You may not downgrade any of your plans in the process.

Last modified January 1, 0001