Release Notes 2023

Release notes for STRATUS 2023

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Bug Fixes

  • ENG-110 Intermittent CDN 502 Error due to AWS Cloudfront keep-alive timeout


New Items

  • OP-196 application/json mime added to gzip and brotil types in all nginx templates

Bug Fixes

  • Update MySQL 8 minor version for mysqldump memory leak fix. Applied on Redeploy.


New Items

  • ENG-12 NodeJS container needs to be able to connect to magento before it can init


Bug Fixes

  • OP-128 Restores for MySQL 8 from ZFS Snapshots


New Items

  • OP-187
  • Composer2 revoked back from 2.3.5 to 2.2.17 as per Magento 2 requirements
  • nvm manager logic added to build always latest (currently v0.39.3)
  • webp installer logic added to build always latest (currently 1.3.0)
  • ImageMagick updated to 7.1.0-60 (latest)
  • PHP versions within ssh, cron, and php-fpm images updated to the latest version for 8.0 and 8.1 versions
  • Datadog agent has been updated to the latest version. Added logic to build always the latest
  • New Relic agent updated to the latest version 8.0/8.1 images
  • xDebug updated to the latest from version 3 (3.2.0)
  • Tideways module updated to the latest.
  • Blackfire module has been updated to the latest.
  • In 8.0/8.1, Cron docker images disabled modules by default (data dog and backfire), creating difficulties with Cron execution of specific Magento 2 modules.


New Items

OP-174 PHP-FPM/CRON/SSHD 7.4 images updated to the latest and last version (7.4.33) and locked for any further updates (EOL)

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