Webscale Stratus FAQ

On 11-18-2021, STRATUS MaaS became Webscale STRATUS. Here are all the answers to questions you may have.

1. Will this disrupt my service before the holidays?

No. Your hosting services will continue uninterrupted.

2. Can I keep paying month-to-month?

Yes. In all cases, your billing cycle stays the same.

3. If I stay month-to-month, when will my price increase?

Your 20% price will increase starting in December 2021.

4. Will I be migrated to a new host?

No. You will continue using Stratus as usual. The only migration needed will be a simple DNS switch after January to the Webscale Dataplane. For customers whose DNS we control, the switch will be done automatically. In both cases, the transition will be seamless.

5. How do I contact support going forward?

You will continue contacting support the same way that you always have been.

6. How can I set up different terms per environment?

When the account owner logs in to their account for the first time, they will be provided with options to select a term per environment. They may also log in to their account, go to Billing, and change the term per environment.

7. Will my SLA change?

No. We will continue providing the same great service and support.

8. How do I receive Stratus Vitals for free?

Sign up for a 1-year or 2-year term and receive Stratus Vitals free for 12 months.

9. What is Stratus Vitals?

Stratus Vitals is an application performance monitoring toolset to give you deep insight and clear visibility into how your environment is performing. Click here to learn more about Stratus Vitals.

10. How do I benefit from Webscale’s CloudEDGE technologies and custom Enterprise Cloud Delivery platform?

Contact sales for more information.

11. What other platforms are you going to support?

We support everything now. Contact sales for more information.

Last modified January 1, 0001