Stratus Backups and Recovery

Webscale STRATUS maintains hourly snapshots for all files and databases. Our support can restore from those backups on request in the event something has gone wrong.

Webscale has maintained three backup strategies for preserving data continuity in Webscale Stratus.

Immediate Restores

The first strategy is hourly snapshotting of both code/media filesystems and the database locally on disk. These backups serve as a quick recovery for accidentally deleted files or rollback. Full rollbacks of filesystems or individual files may be restored from these snapshots by MageMojo support.

High Availability Recovery

High Availability (HA) is the ability of a system to operate continuously without failing for a designated period of time. HA works to ensure that a system meets an agreed level of operating performance. MageMojo can currently offer Standard High Availability and Active High Availability. Please Read over High Availability Strategies for further details.

Disaster Recovery

A traditional backup of all environment data from the ec2 infrastructure to s3 buckets is performed routinely. Code/media file systems are backed up daily, and database backups are created once every four hours. As with most hosting provider backups, this system has a potential for data loss, although our database backups are much more frequent than the industry standard of 24 hours. These backups are only for disaster recovery, per our Support Policy

Customers must also maintain their own regular backups offsite according to their own needs and schedule.



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